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Evoked as a triad in the year 2000, the fraternity of STORMNATT released their primitive, yet much praised first opus “Funeral Apocalypse” through the swedish cult Label THR in 2003! The tape version of “Funeral Apocalypse” was sold out very soon and became re-released on CD-Format by Austrian Ashen Productions!

In league with Ashen Productions, STORMNATT gave birth to the “Resurrection ov the Kvlt” Album in early 2005! A disease in audial form, featuring five tracks totally dedicated to death and solitude, accompanied by a limited T-Shirt, which was printed later in the same year!
Due to the tremendous demand, both Albums have been re-pressed and each has been sold far over 1000 times all across the world!

2005 was also the year STORMNATT began to spread their cursed gospel of death and the word of the illuminating, true light all over Europe! In ceremonies of blood, fire and death they supported and/or headlined concerts/festivals with well known acts such as Gorgoroth, Nargaroth, Shining, Kampfar, Skyforger, Inquisition, Maniac Butcher, Elite, Koldbrann, Forgotten Tomb, Azaghal, Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult, Mortuary Drape, Merrimack...

After innumerable rituals and much acknowledgment from all over the dying planet, the brotherhood baptized their latest disciple Antimessiah to handle the guitar duties in 2007!
In the very beginning of 2008, STORMNATT returned to the vaults to start the recordings for “The Crimson Sacrament”!
Released on the in March 2009 by Ashen Productions, this Album is even more dedicated than the others before, dealing with spiritual death, rituals of sacrifice and ancient magickal rites of necromancy on uttermost high level in every aspect!

After some discrepancies STORMNATT decided to seperate ways from Antimessiah.
A replacement had been found in Hrodgar from Asathor/Bifröst/ex-Selbstentleibung as live guitarist.
Hrodgar played four shows in 2010/2011. After that STORMNATT decided to quit the collaboration with him.
Finally, in the middle of the year 2012, Bernth (Bled Dry, ex-live-session-Belphegor) joined as live guitarist.

Flames of sacred death, rotten tongues of fire and damnation, heralds of the law of Cain!
In July 2014, after five years of silence the Austrian death worshippers STORMNATT finally return with their opus “Omega Therion”, unleashed by Self Mutilation Services and DeathTemple Records.
Seven high class, raw, yet melodic and deadly hymns of supreme magickal Black Metal.
An audial manifestation forged in pure darkness, spewn from the rotten womb of death.

Mord - Vocals  |  P - Drums, Guitars  |  Notodden - Bass, Guitars
Bernth or Teufelsfaust - Live Guitars  |  
Makhx - Live Drums


Omega Therion

Ascension of the Scarlett Angel
Dead Soul Meditation
The bitter Fruits of Deceit
Omega Therion
Evangelist of the Fall - Death's Seed
Lost and Forgotten

Forgotten Path: 9,5/10
Rotting Hill: 9/10
Destructive Music: 9/10
Metal Maniac: 9/10
Extreminal: 8,8/10
JorZine: 8,8/10
Metal Message: 8/10
Power Metal: 8/10
Crossfire Metal: 8/10
Neckbreaker: 7,5/10
Lords of Metal: 83/100
Legacy: 10/15
Recorded, mixed and mastered at DeathTemple Studio in 2013/14.
Released in July 2014 by Self Mutilation Services and DeathTemple Records.

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  The Crimson Sacrament

Apparitional Echoes From The Void
Wounds Of Worship
The Crimson Sacrament
Soul Murder Ceremony
The Omega Illumination
Blood Will Tell
Upon The Shores Of Solitude Pt. III

Recorded and produced at DeathTemple Studio in 2009.
Mastered by Necromorbus.
Released in March 2009 by Ashen Productions.

Legacy:  10/15
 (Soundcheck #19)
Metalblaze:  5/5
Metalfanatics:  9/10  8½/10
Metal1:  8½/10
Lords Of Metal:  85/100
Stormbringer:  3½/5
Nocturnal Hall:  6½/10  6/10
Bloodchamber:  6/10
Metalglory:  6/10

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  Resurrection Ov The Kult

Resurrection Ov The Kult
Within The Void Of Existence
The Black Katharsis
Upon The Shores Of Solitude Pt. II
The Decay Of Time And Life

Recorded and produced at Immortal Arts Studio in Nov. '04.
CD released in September 2005 by Ashen Productions.
MC releases in March 2005 by EP (limited to 200 copies).

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L egacy:  12/15  8½/10
Earshot:  6/7
Metalmessage:  8/10
Myrrthronth:  8½/10  9/13  4/5
Metal Norge:  7/10
Imperiumi:  7½/10
Lords Of Metal:  82/100
Production 4½/6
Songwriting 5/6
Musicianship 4/6

Funeral Apocalypse

Funeral Apocalypse
...From The Sky The Black Ash Rains
The Eternal Journey Of The Deathminded
Upon The Shores Of Solitude
Within The Void Of Existence (Live) - only on CD

Recorded by Stormnatt at the beginning of January 2003.
CD released in February 2005 by Ashen Productions.
MC released in February 2003 by THR (limited to 666 copies).  6½/10
Myrrthronth:  8/10
Mother Goat:  4/5
Trve Kvlt:  6/10
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Reaper T-Shirt

Reaper T-Shirt

Sizes: S, M, L, XL

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The Crimson Sacrament Shirt

The Crimson Sacrament T-Shirt

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, Girlie
Limited to 100 copies

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Stormnatt Logo Shirt Logo T-Shirt

Sizes: S, M, L, XL, Girlie
Limited to 100 copies

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New Logo Patch
Omega Therion Button (38mm)

Limited to 100 copies
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Deathkult Disciple T-Shirt  (limited to 50 copies)
Resurrection Ov The Kult CD
Resurrection Ov The Kult T-Shirt  (limited to 100 copies)
New Logo Patch  (limited to 100 copies)
Old Logo Patch 
(limited to 100 copies)


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09/07/16 — Austria, Bäckerberg Scharnstein
Sick Midsummer with Secrets of the Moon, Psychonaut 4 and more

02/07/16 — Czech Republic, Brno - Rakovecka 72
Hell Fast Attack X with Horna, Baptism and more

16/06/16 — Austria, Abtenau
Funkenflug Summer Solstice with Svartidauði, Cult of Fire and moreview photos

07/02/16 — Austria, Vienna - Grelle Forelle
with Mgła and The Committeeview photos

21/11/15 — Austria, Traun - Spinnerei
Celebrare Noctem Fest MMXV with Nightbringer, Aosoth, Hetroertzen and moreview photos

Black Magick Rites mini tour with Acherontas and Deathrow
03/04/15 — Poland, Wrocław - Liverpool — view photos
04/04/15 — Slovakia, Banská Bystrica - Tartaros — view photos
05/04/15 — Austria, Vienna - Escape — view photos

07/12/14 — Austria, Vienna - Szene
Austrian Black Metal Force IV with Maniac Butcher, Hellsaw and more
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06/05/14 — Austria, Vienna - Viper Room
with Taake and more (co-Headliner show)
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15/11/13 — Austria, Vienna - Escape
with Nargaroth and more (co-Headliner show)

02/11/13 — Austria, Gleisdorf - Kulturkeller
De Praestigiis Mortis with Blaze of Perdition, Fides Inversa and more
view photos

20/10/12 — Austria, Vienna - Escape
The Night Of The Frozen Shadows Pt. II with Maniac Butcher
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17/08/12 — Austria, Mining - Burgschänke Frauenstein
Castle Invasion Open Air with Destruction, Haggard and more (co-Headliner show)
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23/06/12 — Austria, Vienna - Escape
Black Metal Invasion (Headliner show)

18/04/11 — Austria, Vienna - Escape Metalcorner
with Nargaroth, Posthum, Chaos Invocation (co-Headliner show)
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25/09/10 — Austria, Klosterneuburg - Machbar
with Azahel's Fortress and more (Headliner show)

20/08/10 — Germany, Barth - Freilichtbühne
Barther Metal Open Air with Behexen, Sargeist and more

26/06/10 — Austria, Reichenthal - Schloss Waldenfels
Northern Lights Festival with Nargaroth, Nocturnal Depression and more

12/05/10 — Austria, Vienna - Szene
with Wolves In The Throne Room (co-Headliner show)
view photos

21/02/10 — Germany, Munich - Titanic City
with Lost Life and Nebelkrähe (Headliner show)

20/02/10 — Germany, Annaberg Buchholz - Gleis3
with Angantyr and Vardlokkur

26/12/09 — Czech Republic, Blansko
Merry Christmassacre 3

30/10/09 — Austria, Vienna - Szene
with Dornenreich and more (co-Headliner show)
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09/09/09 — Austria, Vienna - Escape Metalcorner
with Corpus Christii, Capitis Damnare, Somrak and more

22/08/09 — Germany, Trier - Auexhaus
with Aosoth, Capitis Damnare and more

28/03/09 — Austria, Vienna - Szene
Exclusive Upon The Shores of Solitude ritual (with Shining, co-Headliner show)
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27/03/09 — Austria, Salzburg - Cave Club
Exclusive Upon The Shores of Solitude ritual (with Shining, co-Headliner show)

14/03/09 — Austria, Vienna - Escape Metalcorner
The Crimson Sacrament release ritual (Headliner show)

15/10/08 — Austria, Vienna - Escape
with Inquisition and Tesstimony (co-Headliner show)
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27/09/08 — Germany, Altershausen (Bayern) - Hassberghalle
Pest Fest Pt. II with Wolfthorn, Zahrim...

29/08/08 — Czech Republic, Brno - Club Fléda
Dunkelheit Festival Pt. III with Kampfar, Inquisition and more
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30/11/07 — Austria, Vienna - Planet Music
with Gorgoroth and Tyrant
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01/09/07 — Czech Republic, Brno - KD Svatoboj
Dunkelheit Festival Pt. II with Shining, Skyforger and more
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28/07/07 — Czech Republic, Blansko - Lom Arnoštov
Hell Fast Attack Open Air (Headliner show)

05/05/07 — Hungary, Budapest - Vörös Yuk
with Mondstille, Tyrants and more (Headliner show)
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20/04/07 — Czech Republic, Decin - Coolna
Bohemia Metal Night V

18/02/06 — Czech Republic, Decin - Black Shadows
Bohemia Metal Night III

19/11/05 — Czech Republic, Brno - KD Svatoboj
Apocalypsa IX

02/09/05 — Austria, Graz - Arcadium
Dunkelheit Festival Pt. I with Forgotten Tomb, Mortuary Drape and more

24/03/05 — Austria, Vienna - The Monastery
with Inquisition and Merrimack
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27/03/04 — Austria, Vienna - Weberknecht
with Ewig Frost


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